9/11 Memorial

This time of the year has come again. Without a total solution for the pandemic, we have been forced to behave differently and had a very different Spring and Summer experience. I hope you have managed to find some pleasant moments.


Unfortunately, this year’s 9/11 Memorial has to be virtual as we are still not allowed to perform in an ordinary way. So, I made a short video. I would like to dedicate my new composition “Melancholy Road” and the familiar “Memorial Processional” to those who were affected by 9/11 and this year’s COVID-19. I hope it will sooth your heart.

Gregory Singer

By popular demand, our friendly Spaceman has his own website now!
Please visit him by clicking HERE

Recently, Manhattan Symphonie’s tour to China was cancelled one week before departure. We felt sorry, however, we had also dodged a bullet. We, members of the Manhattan Symphonie, want to help push this virus out of existence. So, we decided to spread the public health awareness to learn how imperative it is for everyone to remember to wash their hands often, and we created the Spaceman to  spread the word.

Also, our next concert, when this virus is only a memory, will be of a duel significance as a ‘Tribute’ to the brave front line workers and a ‘Memorial’ for those who were lost, and for the pain and suffering felt by so much humanity around the world. Members of the Manhattan Symphonie send positive wishes for our shared desire to have an early beautiful summer celebration when this tragedy is defeated.

Stay positive and, as our Spaceman- music friend- reminds us, please don’t forget to wash your hands! Thank you.

Gregory Singer
Music Director of Manhattan Symphonie


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